Modern Producer
of Structural Steel and Non-Standard Equipment

About the plant

The UTEM-ZMK fabrication plant for structural steel and non-standard equipment is affiliated to the
UTEM Group of companies –
one of the largest construction
holding companies of Ukraine.

The plant is located in Kiev oblast and has its production facilities in the towns of Bucha and Ukrainka. The Bucha production facility includes shops for fabrication of steel structures, auxiliary boiler and non-standard equipment, it also accommodates a metalworking and chemical coating shop. The Ukrainka production facility accommodates work shops for fabrication of piping spools and components, heating surfaces, vessels and tanks.  The plant is fitted out with new, made in 2012, equipment for cutting and machining of flat and long rolled products, lines for fabrication of welded beams, blast cleaning and painting, modern welding and lifting equipment.
The fabrication capacities of the plant are located in indoor shops with a total area of 6950m2 and in outdoor assembly and storage yards with a total area of more than 8200m2.
The plant provides the production of 7500 tons of products per year.

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The products offered are:
  • steel and bearing structures for industrial, civil and transport infrastructure facilities
  • non-standard equipment for the following industries:
    • power
    • refineries and chemical production
    • metallurgical and mining
    • agricultural

Kiev obl.,
vul. Lekha Kachynskoho 3, Bucha
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