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of Structural Steel and Non-Standard Equipment

About the plant

The Design Office of UTEM-ZMK offers a full range of design engineering services, including the preparation of:
  • design documents for auxiliary structures and accessories 
  • structural and detail design drawings 


The preparation of design documents is performed using modern software systems LIRA-SAPR 2012, AutoCAD 2013, Advance Steel 2012 Primavera, etc. Design process is carried out with the use of advanced technologies in accordance with the requirements of regulations and technical standards for fabrication, erection and operation of steel structures. 
Experienced and qualified designers will help our customers to find the best technical solutions using the latest global achievements in the industry, to work out the procedure of construction considering the climatic conditions, structural features, equipment and operating processes. We offer not only standard designs for general-purpose construction, but will also design of non-standard steel structures that meet clients’ expectations and the highest requirements of modern construction. 


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